FunUI Update : GitHub repository available

Finally got around making Git repository for the FunUI project. Link to the GitHub project. Some New features: Explicit Navigation Tool for creating explicit navigation for e.g Menu buttons or other Selectable objects in the scene. The tools can be found from QB/UI/Navigation. PauseWindow Simple PauseWindow that can set the time-scale to zero on open, […]

State-driven character controller

It’s not really difficult to understand that things as important as character controllers for a game are often subject to constant tweaks  and modifications as the development progresses and new requirements need to be met. Due to this they’re among the easiest components in your game to turn in to a mess of spaghetti code filled exceptions, […]

Programming: where to start?

Probably among top most confusing things in software and game development is where to actually start learning game development and programming and probably among the most damaging ideas for aspiring developer is to think that it needs to be done the hard way from the ground up by learning hardcore language like C or C++ […]

Save system with JSON

It’s no rocket science that for players to be able to close the application and still retain the progress they’ve made the game needs some sort of a system to save data. Such system could also be used to save custom made levels possibly made with your level editor or procedural generation as well. The […]

Scale friendly UI in Unity

There’s already wide array of great tutorials in Unity for creating an UI for your game ranging from very basic tutorials on how to drag elements such as images and controls such as buttons to your user interface to more advanced stuff like using them in the world space. The newer UGUI system is very flexible […]

Project introduction: FunUI

I’ve been working quite a bit with the user interface system Unity released with their version 4.6 and before that I worked extensively with the NGUI that the current system is based. The UGUI as some call it has been a big improvement over the OnGUI systems that were used back in the day. However […]