This blog is dedicated to game and software development with focus on programming. Most of the content will likely be releases, updates and details about my personal programming projects. I might throw in an opinion piece or two every now and then as well.

I hope that this blog will offer me a way to contribute to the game and software developers by offering simple, informative and hopefully helpful stuff for other developers to use in their projects.

All the source code that i’ll post here will fall under the MIT License so anyone can use it in the way they see fit in both commercial and non-commercial projects.

The Name: Quit Button

The name of the blog originates from the early game prototypes and jam games where I always forgot to add a way to exit the application which meant that the players who used full-screen mode had to force close the application with Alt+F4 or by returning to the desktop with Windows/command key.

It’s a slightly humorous and maybe a bit embarrassing feature to forget from a game when you’re excited about everything else about the game.

Simple way to avoid it is to just bind escape key to whatever method quits the game in your engine of choice.  Here’s example with Unity, just add this to update method in one of your MonoBehaviors residing in your game scene.

if (Input.GetKeyDown(KeyCode.Escape))

Platforms and language

Currently I am mostly working with C# using the Unity3D Game Engine, but might drift around using other engines, frameworks and tools as well.


I am a professional game and software developer from Finland with years of experience with programming and software development. My username means Techno-communist which is mostly made up from how Linux and Open Source was viewed back in the day.

This blog is purely to contribute, the revenue from ads goes directly to WordPress. If I ever talk about games that I have even slightest connections with I’ll be throwing a disclaimer before praising them to heavens.